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[New product on sale] Introduction to Q1600 dual-block real time PCR instrument


Fluorescence quantitative PCR, referred to as Real-time PCR, QPCR, and FQ-PCR, was proposed by Japanese Higuchi in 1992. Compared with ordinary PCR technology, QPCR has the characteristics of real-time monitoring, quantitative analysis, and simple operation.

In recent years, with the frequent outbreaks of health-threatening events such as food safety, African swine fever, and new coronaviruses, the demand for real time PCR machines by scientific research and testing institutions has increased. However, traditional real time PCR instruments have disadvantages such as higher prices and the need to be equipped with computers for use, which cannot meet the increasing demands of customers.

Introduction to Q1600 Experiment Process

After three years of research and development and testing, Bio-Gener Technology has brought the company's latest product, the double-block real time PCR instrument Q1600, which follows the design concept of the GE series gene amplification instrument with one machine and multiple uses, and uses block A and B to operate independently. The model is expected to give customers a portable, concise, fast and accurate user experience.


1. Simultaneous testing of 16 reaction wells to meet batch testing requirements.

Reference method: "TCVMA 5-2018 African swine fever virus real-time fluorescent PCR detection method"

Example of batch test results of 16-well African swine fever samples



2. The dual reaction tanks are tested independently at the same time to meet the needs of multiple indicators.

Reference method: "GB∕T38164-2019 Common Livestock and Poultry-derived 

Components Detection Method Real-time PCR Method", "TCVMA 5-2018 African Swine Fever Virus Real-time PCR Detection Method"

Example of test results of 8-well pig-derived samples in block A


Example of test results of 8-well pig-derived samples in block B


Q1600 is divided into single-channel dual-block real time PCR instrument Q1601, which can meet the needs of ordinary detection and scientific research; The Q1602 dual-channel dual-block real time PCR instrument can meet application requirements such as relative quantification and SNP genotyping. In addition to meeting the testing requirements of food-borne pathogens, animal-derived, aquatic diseases, genetically modified, animal diseases, biomedical products, Q1600 can also be used for genetic variation analysis, drug research analysis, MicroRNA and non-coding RNA research, etc.


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